The Low Low Bath is very versatile: 

As a bath 

It can be used as a traditional bath – but only 300mm (12") high for easy access and exit. 
You can enjoy the freedom of much easier access. 

As a shower 

The Low Low bath can also be used as a deep shower tray with folding screen and bath. 
A Walk-ln shower enclosure is often an option preferred by men, however, it deprives the ladies of the option of relaxing in a bath. 
The Low Low bath can be used as a 300mm (12") hiqh shower tray, and fitted with a shower curtain or folding glass screen. 
A range of grab rails and or vertical pole will provide assistance for added stability. 

Raised Bath 

For assisted bathing where help and attendance is required, the bath can be mounted on a platform at a pre-determined height. Consideration will need to be made to enable entry and exit to be achieved, however a raise and lower scissor action pneumatically operated. platform can be provided. 
"Thank you for a job well done – 3 days start to finish including taking away all rubbish, all very professional." 
Tony, Bourneville, West Midlands 
A range of wall fixed hand grips and support rails. 
Vertical floor to ceiling, stainless steel grab pole with plastic ribbed grip. 
Grab rail with cross rail 
35mm stainless steel 3 flange grab rail 
35mm stainless steel straight flanged grab rail 
"The walk-in bath ordered 2 weeks ago arrived with all your fitting advice; my local plumber fitted it in less than 1 day. My total cost was just under £1500, less than ¼ of my Dolphin Quotation, thanks to Bathing Care." 
Lucy, Dartford, Kent 
Installing is simple – most existing taps can be refitted to the Low Low bath. The space left between the height of the original bath and Low Low bath, usually 200mm (8”), can be re-tiled or fitted with attractive infill panel (supplied if required), baths are available in 3 lengths – 1500mm, 1600mm and 1700 x 700 wide, and all baths have non slip base over the entire base.