The Low Low Bath  

As a bath 

It can be used as a traditional bath – 300mm (12") high for easy access and exit. 
You can enjoy the freedom of much easier access. 

As a shower 

The Low Low bath can also be used as a deep shower tray with folding screen and bath. 
A Walk-ln shower enclosure is often an option preferred by men, however, it deprives the ladies of the option of relaxing in a bath. 
The Low Low bath can be used as a 300mm (12") hiqh shower tray, and fitted with a shower curtain or folding glass screen. 
A range. of grab rails and or vertical pole will provide assistance for added stability. 

Raised Bath 

For assisted bathing where help and attendance is required, the bath can be mounted on a platform at a pre-determined height. Consideration will need to be made to enable entry and exit to be achieved, however a raise and lower scissor action pneumatically operated. platform can be provided.